Raising Expectations

We need education like we need air to breathe. It’s impossible to thrive without it. An education at Piedmont Technical College breathes new life into the prospects of students who decide to make a plan for change through educational attainment. This year, we took steps to bring even greater convenience and value to our students, including centralization of advisement services for health care majors, expansion of educational offerings and new partnerships with businesses and organizations that enrich the Piedmont Tech experience. So go ahead, raise your expectations. Piedmont Tech is ready.



Most of our students are only beginning to build their lives ― not one nail or one brick at a time but rather one course, one field trip or one apprenticeship at a time. And they’re guided by advisors with blueprints to cover every step of the process. With each completed credit, our students are moving closer to their dream professions.



Employers want solutions. Piedmont Tech yields problem-solvers. It’s as simple as that. Our enduring partnerships with area businesses and industries are testament to our ability to produce graduates who are ready to work in today’s most sophisticated health care and manufacturing environments, as well as contemporary education, criminal justice, agriculture and business settings.



Khalil Gibran’s notion that progress lies not in enhancing what is but in advancing toward what will be aptly reflects Piedmont Tech’s approach to new equipment and capital investment. We always have our eye on the ultimate destination as we embrace upgrades and improvements that will serve as the pavers leading toward the ideal in accommodation for our students on their learning journey.