From the President

"As you read this year's annual report, we hope you’ll see what we encounter every day here at PTC — a continuous drive for making every decision count. This year, like those that came before it, we’ve counted on each other for the right ideas to make student dreams a reality. We’ve counted on community members to join us in our ongoing mission to transform lives. And we’ve counted on our students to bring inspiring levels of determination into the classroom."

Making it Count

This year, Piedmont Technical College has continued to make great strides in providing clearer pathways to training and education that all residents in the region can count on. We launched new programs, established and strengthened partnerships, upgraded facilities and created new initiatives for college employees — all to ensure that our students are reaching their goals.


Piedmont Tech faculty and staff work hard to cultivate the necessary channels for student success. Through these efforts, the college has made education more attainable by launching and expanding programs, building and strengthening partnerships and developing new ways to bring classroom instruction to students.



Business and industry is always evolving, and PTC must stand ready to change in order to meet the workforce needs in the region. That is why the college is retooling buildings, planning new facilities and more, while also cultivating a healthier, happier work environment for faculty and staff — making plenty of space for new ideas. 



A cornerstone of the mission at PTC is to make transformations possible by providing students with the access and support needed to attain their career and educational goals. This year, we have accomplished that mission through new initiatives, community driven scholarship opportunities and more.