Khalil Gibran’s notion that progress lies not in enhancing what is but in advancing toward what will be aptly reflects Piedmont Tech’s approach to new equipment and capital investment. We always have our eye on the ultimate destination as we embrace upgrades and improvements that will serve as the pavers leading toward the ideal in accommodation for our students on their learning journey.


Ready to Roll

The SC Workforce Development Board has named PTC the lead agency and training provider for a $355,363 grant project, titled “Ready to Roll,” designed to increase the state’s workforce for highway construction and related sectors.

Italian Group robots.JPG

Ideal Site for Partnerships

PTC is building a regional reputation as the go-to flex space for industrial training programs. ABB, a global supplier of robots, chose the CAM this year as one of its national training sites. And Samsung completed a successful training program at the CAM while its Newberry manufacturing plant was under construction.


Just the Right Rx

This year, PTC invested significantly in learning facility upgrades, including the purchase of high-fidelity mannequins in the health care division, physical additions to the pharmacy technology lab in Greenwood, expanded capacity at the CAM in Laurens, improvements to the automotive technology facility, and more.


Mechatronics Expansion

In response to local industry demand, Piedmont Tech has expanded its mechatronics program, making a mechatronics technology certificate available on the Abbeville County Campus. With the addition of Abbeville, PTC now teaches mechatronics on four of its seven regional campuses.


Saying Farewell

As the college moves forward, it is important to acknowledge those who helped us be successful up to this point. This year South Carolina has seen a lot of state employees retire. PTC is no different.

This summer, we honored 14 individuals who are taking this next step. Several others preceded them in retirement this academic year. To say “they will be missed” would be an understatement. These individuals are the heart of what makes a place like PTC thrive day in and day out. As educators and support staff, they are the ones who provide the strong foundation that allows our graduates to go on and live successful, quality lives. Before starting their new journey, they shared a few stories that clearly illustrate this point.